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COVER PRO (the only GREEN spa cover)

  • Cabinet or Deck Mount
  • Save up to 50% in energy costs
  • Elegant and Sleek Look
  • Simple to use
  • Low Safe Storage
  • Extends Cover Life
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • 1.5 Foam Core Energy Store
  • 4 Locking tie downs
  • 4 Handles
  • 20 Gauge galvanized C-Channel
  • 4mm plastic foam cores
  • 100% polyester backing
  • 28oz spa vinyl


The COVER-PRO spa cover removal system makes it easy to remove and recover your spa cover, while saving energy costs. This spa over design is angled at the fold to create a compression seal capable of retaining up to 50% more heat. The COVER-PRO spa cover removal system is integrated to the cover using 6161 T-6 hardened aluminum keyway couplers installed at the cover factory for maximum durability. Powder coatedlightweight aluminum and cast alloy provides trouble free operation.


COVER-PRO. The cover removal system interlocks into our aluminum keyway couplers installed inside the cover. Eliminates the need for the unsightly, inefficient, traditional lift bar!


Cal Poly 08 energy test - 12/29/2008
"Raises the bar", at APSP sponsored Cal Poly 08 energy test with COVERPRO spa cover


Wide hinged spa covers show excessive heat loss during thermal imaging test!


A watt/hour meter indicates spas, (7x 7x 35) use 14.45 kWh of energy per day on standby mode. In California, that would amount to $1107 per year just to maintain a usable temperature. Spa Search Magazine of Scottsdale, AZ reveals spas to be as high as $6898 over a five year period depending on region, a real energy hog.


The organization of American Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) sponsored an energy efficiency test for the most well known portable spa manufacturers in North America at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo in 2008. Those published test results revealed our U.S. Patented COVER?PRO spa cover helped us best the entire acrylic spa field in energy efficiency. Our 350 gallon spa reduces the $1107. cost of standby temperature to less than $250 per year.


We surprised the biggest names in the spa industry with these documented energy efficiency results. We want spa owners everywhere to benefit from our technological improvements to save their own home energy expense and ease America?s energy demand. The APSP considers approximately 440,000 portable spas are in use in California. Because those spas use the standard wide hinged spa cover that accommodates a cover lift bar as pictured above, it will cost Californians as much as $40,590,000.00 per month for standby energy alone! California could have reduced that energy demand by $31,423,334.00 last month if they would have purchased our COVERPRO system instead.


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“Moments ago, to my surprise and DELIGHT, I received the spa cover that I ordered from you only two short weeks ago. PERFECT FIT, love the color and what a pleasure it was doing business with you. Thank you very much.”
Marion H
Wenatchee, WA
“Thank you for the great service and timely delivery of my spa cover. The size was perfect and the quality is outstanding. It is great to get service from an online order. Thanks again.” 
David L
Mukwonago, WI  
“Hello. We received our cover and we cannot be more pleased. Thank You. I have given your name/phone number/internet address to a local upholstery shop. The owner is a friend of mine, and he gets many inquiries regarding hot tub replacement covers. I hope you receive many orders from them! I told them if anyone wants to see your work, they may call me to see this cover. Thanks again! Job well done.” 
Debi K
Burnt Hills, New York  
“The hot tub cover and e-z lifter I received from your company is very nice, a perfect fit. Now after almost three seasons of no use we will be able to enjoy our hot tub again. The workmanship is very good on the cover, and unlike the original cover that came with the spa, it slopes off to either side to allow rain to run off. If you would like to use this letter with my name as a testimonial letter you may.”
Richard F.
Bowling Green, KY  
“Very nice spa cover! Excellent workmanship, quick delivery, no hassle! Now my spa looks new again. I will refer you to my friends with spas!! Good luck and Thank You!”
John R.
Corona, CA