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Spa Covers Plus® is your online source for quality spa covers delivered fast since 1996.

Each spa cover is custom made when you order it and ships in a few days ensuring you a FAST delivery. Our customers want their new spa covers delivered in 1- 2 weeks, and that is just what we strive to do.

When you order your new replacement spa cover from, your spa cover is shipped factory-direct to you, no middleman. Our standard cover is 25% more dense than our competition! We offer our spa covers in 14 colors and use only the most durable marine grade 1500 vinyl and the finest materials to construct your new spa cover.

We can make a spa cover to fit any spa and have over 5,000 spa cover templates in stock. If you need help measuring your spa cover or have questions, give us a call; we're here to help you! Our spa covers are guaranteed not to take on water and every spa cover is backed with a 5 year warranty!! Find a better price? call or email, we will beat it!

"What a great cover!!! From the time I ordered the cover it took less than 3 weeks to have it delivered. I couldn't be happier with the quality and price of this cover. Already it has made a huge difference. My last cover let too much air in the hot tub and my pump was coming on constantly. Now, with this new AWESOME cover, it only comes on when it is supposed to do it's normal cycle."

Sheri A.
Syracuse, Utah

"Checked all over the internet for spa covers. Finally decided to order. Placed my order and received my spa cover within three weeks. The cover was made very well and fits like a glove. Spoke with Steve through email and he kept me updated and responded in a professional and timely manner. Very pleased with the process and the product. If your contemplating a replacement cover rest assured this company will provide a quality product at a competitive price. Thanks very much."

South Carolina

"Very happy with my new spa cover, talked to steve gave my spa dimensions to him, just in a few weeks i had my new cover deliverd to my front porch .fits like a glove Excellent customer service as well as workmanship. "

Palmdale, CA

"Our old Spa Cover was damaged from a fire but still functional, just looked awful and honestly was so old and had mold damage from the holes that my wife wouldn't even go into it. Now a year later my wifes parents are coming for Easter and backed up against a wall I had to find a new Spa Cover in less than a week. After calling every Pool Supply company in the Valley and most in LA I called Steve at Spacoverspluscom. He asked me to take some measurements and was very patient as the tape measure broke midstream, my cordless phone was breaking up because my cell battery was dead. This was on a Thursday and I said I needed it done by the following Wednesday. I received the call on Monday morning that my Spa Cover was ready! It couldn't have fit better, the quality was superb and the efficiency and patience immeasurable. I would recommend this Company to anyone who needs a Spa Cover, not to mention the savings, they were at least $50 cheaper than anyone I spoke with and even more savings because I will called it. I am one happy customer, Thanks Steve."

Mickey H
North Hollywood, CA

"I am very happy with my new spa cover. It is a much better quality then the original that came with my Sundance Spa. While the thickness is the same, it is much lighter in weight making it easier to open with the lifter. The ordering process was very simple. Steve was very helpful in making sure the cover would fit my spa and the time from order to delivery was very fast.

Thanks for a job well done. "
Alan R.

Manhattan Beach, CA
"High quality, e-z transaction, a great deal for the money!!! 5 starz! I don't usually write reviews on anything. I bought another spa cover, my third since I owned this spa. I placed an order online and 4 days later Spa Covers Plus® delivered my new spa cover to my front door here in Riverside, CA. Immediately, I see a difference in quality from my old spa covers. I will gladly refer you to my friends or if you need a reference feel free to give my number. Thanks Spa Covers Plus®!!"
Riverside, CA
"A spa cover that has lasted for years! I purchased my spa cover 4-1/2 years ago when I moved to Corona. I paid a little more and purchased the upgrade model with 2 pound foam. It's almost 5 years old and has held up better than I expected. It still looks new. I also purchased a cover lifter recently. I would recommend to buy one and don't know why I waited so long to get one. I can lift the cover with one hand! Spa Covers Plus is a great company with products that last!"
John A.
Corona, CA
"Top Quality Hot Tub Cover, a deal for the money!!!!! I purchased my new spa cover using the online order form on this company's website about 2 weeks ago. The company called later to verify, I gave the credit card information and about a week later my new spa cover arrived at my home here in Riverside, CA. It's definitely a much higher quality spa cover than my old one!! I recommend Spa Covers Plus® to anyone looking for a replacement spa cover at a fair price! Thanks SCP!!"
Darren F
Riverside County, CA
"worth every penny!!! VERY nice spa cover, high quality!!! Wow, this new spa cover really is top quality compared to my old one! My last spa cover was half the price but didn't last very long at all; after seeing the quality that was put into making this new one I can see why it costs more. The new spa cover vinyl is thicker, it's tapered, double stitched like they said, its very strong and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank You Spa Covers Plus!!! I will refer you to my friends. =)"
Salem, OR
"Durable high quality spa cover with quick service and delivery! My dog loves to lay on my spa covers and over time they keep breaking down the middle. It was time for a new hot tub cover and my cousin in Modesto referred me to Spa Covers Plus®. I ordered my spa cover over the phone and the following Monday it was delivered to my front door here in San Diego, CA. The replacement spa cover is definitely a much higher quality cover than my prior spa cover which was very flimsy and wore out quickly. You can see the double stitching they talk about and it does hold the weight they claim with no problem. My 105lb Rotweiler sits on the cover during the heat of the day and it seems to be strong enough for both of us. If you want to get a top quality durable spa cover then I highly recommend Spa Covers Plus®!"
San Diego, CA
"In April 2008 I ordered a new spa cover from another company online that was the lowest price. Well, after the first rainfall I found out why it was so cheap!!! I called the company I bought it from and they were rather rude, insisted someone had to have stood on it and hung up on me. I was floored. I called Spa Covers Plus® and spoke with Brian who informed me their basic cover holds up to 150lbs and rain will not cause it to cave in. Reluctantly, I placed an order. 8 days later my cover arrived and I could see the difference in quality right away. My new cover is much thicker and seems to be very strong. It has rained and even snowed since and the cover hasn't shown any signs of bowing. The cheap comes out expensive in the end!!! Thank You Spa Covers Plus®, I wish I ordered from you in the first place!!"
Witchita, KS
"Shipped timely, easy to shop from, high quality I just received my spa cover two days ago and wanted to relay to you and your employees, how pleased I was with your product. The time that it took from order to delivery was very reasonable, the workmanship is obviously top notch and most importantly the cover fits perfectly!!! I will be sure to refer you to my friends"
Brendan F.
San Francisco, CA
"Two thumbs up! VERY nice spa cover!"
Orange County, CA
"Great service and quality workmanship
From the date of order to the date of installation, it was less than two weeks. I was shown pictures of sample covers, even one for my in-ground spa, and the fit is terrific. I appreciate the color match to the surrounding bricks.
Thank you Spa Covers Plus®. I will definitely recommend you to others."
"High Quality, Easy to Order, Quick Delivery, A++++
I ordered a new spa cover using the online order form from spacoversplus com and within two weeks my new cover arrived on my front door when I returned home from work. A perfect fit! This cover is much nicer than the cover that came with my spa. You can see the workmanship and quality immediately! I will definitely refer my friends with hot tubs to your company. Thank You Spa Covers Plus, keep up the good work!"
"Moments ago, to my surprise and DELIGHT, I received the spa cover that I ordered from you only two short weeks ago. PERFECT FIT, love the color and what a pleasure it was doing business with you. Thank you very much."
Marion H
Wenatchee, WA
"Thank you for the great service and timely delivery of my spa cover. The size was perfect and the quality is outstanding. It is great to get service from an online order. Thanks again." 
David L
Mukwonago, WI  
"Hello. We received our cover and we cannot be more pleased. Thank You. I have given your name/phone number/internet address to a local upholstery shop. The owner is a friend of mine, and he gets many inquiries regarding hot tub replacement covers. I hope you receive many orders from them! I told them if anyone wants to see your work, they may call me to see this cover. Thanks again! Job well done." 
Debi K
Burnt Hills, New York  
"The hot tub cover and e-z lifter I received from your company is very nice, a perfect fit. Now after almost three seasons of no use we will be able to enjoy our hot tub again. The workmanship is very good on the cover, and unlike the original cover that came with the spa, it slopes off to either side to allow rain to run off. If you would like to use this letter with my name as a testimonial letter you may."
Richard F.
Bowling Green, KY  
"Very nice spa cover! Excellent workmanship, quick delivery, no hassle! Now my spa looks new again. I will refer you to my friends with spas!! Good luck and Thank You!"
John R.
Corona, CA  
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